Health Check

Health Check

Here at Mario Auto Repairs we offer a FREE vehicle health check. Similar to taking a visit to your doctor for a check up but for your vehicle. A vehicle health check could save you time and money and prevent a big costly repair such as running your engine very low on engine oil will cause the engine to run dry and need a complete engine rebuild. So don’t leave it till it’s too late, our master technicians will carry out a series of visual inspections on your vehicle and report to you with the outcome. Drive your car and be rest assured knowing your vehicle has been checked and safe.

This free check includes:

  • Visual condition check of your brake pads, discs and brake fluid levels
  • Visual condition check of steering and suspension
  • Visual check of your tyres and if they are within legal limit
  • Visual bodywork check – scuffs, bumps, dents, scratches, rust
  • Check all your vehicles lights are all in good working order
  • Visual check of your wipers and windscreen fluids
  • Visual check of coolant/anti-freeze levels
  • Check power steering fluids if applicable
  • Engine oil levels
  • Visual check if there are any lights on the instrument panel
  • Battery check
  • Visual check of auxiliary belts
  • Visual condition check of exhaust system
  • Visual check of the engine for any signs of leaks or any noises
  • Operation of the hand brake
  • Air conditioning operation

For more info or to book your vehicle in for its FREE vehicle health check call 0208 731 6033